The right type

Working in the design systems team, I was tasked to investigate a new brand font and defining the colour palette, to gauge overall impact to the products and form educational material on usage.

Exploratory Design

Design System Investigation




The current font has a few accessibilty and implementation issues, whilst also not portraying brand values. Working out how Farfetch is currently perceived and how we can change certain perceptions through font. Clarity is one of the main issues with the current font so selecting modern grotesque characteristics is at the forefront. To test impact of the new font an alternative font with similar properties as the current typeface.



A visually similar font to Polaris so the positives would be that the least amount of impact over the products would occur, but still the general brand and company values wouldn’t be translated appropriately. So we chose to investigate a suitable Grotesque font.



Using a Chrome plugin called Stylish we were able to change the font over in a live environment. This allowed us to see potential errors and immediate impact. Upon completion of a site audit with the selected font, several edits were required to produce a custom webfont for the Farfetch products.

Defining Colour

Traditionally fashion websites are black and white. Over the years slightly varying colours had crept into the products, and with the impetuous on creating the design system, there was an opportunity to audit the current colour palette attach logic to usage.