Future Effects


Moving Picture Co.

Future tech in browser special effects software for a movie production company. Entering the project at definition phase, the brief was to create an interface which pushed the boundaries in traditional special effects software. The main functionality of the software is to manipulate materials and textures within a 3D scene.

Lead Product Designer


Design Exploration

Taking inspiration from concept driving consoles and HUD style interfaces. With the hypothesis of producing a dynamic, open and visually engaging futuristic platform.

To establish interaction principles we can use the basis of complex mobile applications, which rely on multiple calibration spaces within a confined space. 

Design System

Taking inpiration from the exploration, I was then able to start building out a design system using an atomic structure of atoms, molecules and components.

Style GuideStyle Guide

Custom Workspaces

Being able to snap windows in and out of modes allows a flexible workspace as each each visual artist has their own way of working.

Reactive Icons

To aid interactions I created a set of icons which would animate into their new functions.

Bespoke Loaders

I try and use elements within their containing space when possible. This was prototype of a loading icon for a dropdown list which imported information from a remote server.